With sustainability in mind

Meet Adam Sjögren, the manager for a group withing Boxon called PCS - Packaging Concept Solutions.


What is PCS role at Boxon?

Packaging Concept Solutions handle our offer to our different markets, pricing, and internal education, just mentioning a few things.

Why is sustainability such a vital part for future business?

Sustainability must be a way of life to be a way of business. No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.

What sustainability challenges are you facing at Boxon?

Calculating the carbon footprint of a product, including transports etc to get the full lifecycle established. By using more recycled material we need to consider from where this recycled material is coming from and how this effect the final product.

How do you innovate and offer greener products and services?

By working with our definitions, of what Boxon consider a sustainable product is, as a base for choosing the right factory, material, and transportation.

How can Boxon influence the producers carbon footprint? 

Discussing and determine a certain and common goal/s, and of course the basics, less sizes, high filling rate, production and transports with less carbon footprint, choice of material. There are of course more things that we can do, but just stating some basics.