Meet Alexander Stautenberg - Key Account Manager at Boxon

Alexander Stautenberg works as Key Account Manager for Boxons automotive customers in middle and east Europe. He mainly serve Volvo sub-suppliers in the corresponding region. 

How will you create value for your customers?

I always try to understand the individual situation of the customer as best as possible in order to be able to offer the perfectly fitting solution.

Tell us about the strengths of Boxon?

The biggest advantage is the closeness to the customer, combined with the flexible wide portfolio - we try to create solutions for the customer that are best in the given situation. This allows us to create strategic values that are not immediately obvious - the added value!

What is the most important when a new customer contacts you?

Quite clearly - to understand the situation of the customer. The needs and problems of each customer are individual and not reproducible. Especially due to the global pandemic, we must pay more attention to capture situations as detailed as possible - even without on-site meetings. Only when we have understood the customer's situation correctly, we can consult the customer in the right way!

The three most common questions you get from a customer? 

The most common questions would be;

  1. The automotive industry is a very price-driven industry - so the question about price of the products comes very early in the conversation.
  2. Can you provide an indication of… just quickly?
  3. How fast can you...?

If you want to get in touch with Alexander, you are welcome to send him an e-mail