Meet Florence Abgrall - Sales Manager Western Emea

Florence Abgrall works as Sales Manager Western Emea, with customers located in France, Belgium, Spain, Italy and North Africa.


How will you create value for your customers?

Fortunately, I am not the only person that will bring value to my customers! My role is to make sure that all our tools and the strengths of Boxon are made available for our customers.  We have strong support teams, our Packaging Engineers are a perfect example: their expertise is precious when it comes to defining the perfect solution, combining efficiency, sustainability, and total cost reduction.

Tell us about the strengths of Boxon?

The strengths of Boxon lie in our core values, that feed our customer relation all along the Sales Process. Right from the first contact, we act responsibly, we make it simple, with a clear target in mind: win together, for long lasting partnerships with our customers.

What is the most important when a new customer contacts you?

Communication and reactivity. Especially during this critical period, where the flexibility of Boxon is particularly needed by our customer.

The three most common questions you get from a customer? 

The most common questions would be;

  1. Necessity knows not law: the raw material shortage brings the inevitable question of stock availability. Our strength as a distributor and expert of our products is that we can combine the forces of different production sites. Our logistic hubs situated on the main European markets enable us to offer a local and reactive service.

  2. To the frequent question of price, we prefer focusing on costs. Our mission is to understand the total picture. For this we, in turn, ask many questions to our customers! We get a grip of their challenges, their processes, to define the perfectly suited solution, with a reduction of the total cost.

  3. But the main concern of our customers is to make sure that Boxon is the right partner when it comes to CSR. Our ambitious 3 goals for 2025 prove Boxon commitment: decrease our carbon footprint by 30%, increase the share of packaging solutions based on recycled material by 30%, innovate to introduce new carbon neutral solutions.

If you want to get in touch with Florence, you are welcome to send her an e-mail